There is a reason windshields are bigger than rear view mirrors.

I'm a software product designer who helps brands tell their stories and bring products to life. I’ve run my own UX agency and worked in companies large and small.

Let’s work together to build something great.


T-shaped. My experience is broad across many verticals from non-profits to financial services, my UX and product expertise is deep. A common thread through much of my work is the ability to build products and experiences using data. From sports statistics tracking applications to enterprise collaboration platforms, I thrive in bringing data together to build rich experiences to tell compelling stories.

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Some brands I've worked with.

I formed Clearwired, a UX agency, building on lessons that I learned at Siteworx (at the time a small startup of 5 in Reston, Virginia). I began to build up a stable group of clients around the country. I continued to refine my consulting process that included initial project discovery, stellar visual design and a flexible way for clients to manage their own websites. I designed and built a content management called Blend.

In addition to local and international web projects, I began to work with larger agencies, slotting into their consulting practice to offer full UX consulting and design services. I worked with some amazing brands during this time and designed stellar user experiences across many verticals. I grew Clearwired to 7 full-time employees and opened an office in the Sandia foothills of Albuquerque, New Mexico. That was in 2008.

Ultimately, the brand is the story and the story is the brand. And these are some great stories.


I've spoken in various capacities as a business owner, designer and facilitator. I’m comfortable leading workshops in a consulting role and pitching (and critiquing) ideas as a designer. I have also presented ideas and best practices at various design conferences including the Information Architecture Summit, European Information Architecture Conference, the Jiveworld customer conference and various local design events. My goal is to make my presentations engaging and fun - and leave the audience with takeaways as bonus. If I can achieve the first goal, the second is assured.


CrivardI am a product designer and user experience professional with a focus on systems design and high-level business strategy. I’m comfortable working in large enterprises and high-growth startups to create delightful user experiences spanning brand messaging through product micro-interactions. I design products that achieve product-market fit using design research with customers and by translating that research into an achievable product roadmap.

I’ve spoken on various design topics at ASIS&T’s Information Architecture Summit, EuroIA, JiveWorld, and many local user experience and product design events.

I'm based in Portland, Oregon


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