Something Special

There is something special about approaching the biggest climb of this run at about 19 miles. I remember something Stevie Haston wrote, “Remember, this is  your treat. Enjoy it!” He also coined one of my favorite training mantras, “eat less, train more, try harder.”

Even when things are going pear-shaped and you’re out of water and moving through sheer force of will – always remember to say please and thank you.… continue reading


I was descending fast on a relatively tame section of trail on Monday morning, and was picking up speed — all of a sudden the trail become very technical – rocks, roots and mud. Before I could even make a decision as to what to do – I was in it – and I just decided to let go.… continue reading


Binge read Station Eleven over the past 3 days.

Usually when I wake up the next morning after finishing a good book I’m still thinking about it – this morning I wasn’t thinking about it. The story was entertaining, but I don’t think the characters were very developed – there was nothing intriguing about them – their only purpose was to move the story arc along.… continue reading

Thurman Street Aid Station

Good late afternoon run today. Just took the waist belt with 10oz of water and 2 gels for about 20 miles.  Hit water fountains at Marquam Shelter, Top of Council Crest, [Drained the 10 oz bottle], Pittock Mansion – then stopped at the Thurman Market and bought a Coke and some salt + vinegar chips after popping out at Lower Macleay.… continue reading